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I went with the Bonus Track because it’s the most accessible, and there is no single song from the album that encapsulates Pharmakon.  The rest of the album is a gut-wrenching cacophonous assault.  A truly visceral and physical listening experience.


"It had been a wonderful evening and what I needed now to give it the perfect ending was a bit of the old Ludwig van."

A Clockwork Orange (1971)

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Let me sit down by the old family bible/
Down by the window where my mother used to pray.

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She’s looking ‘round the room in the fourth dimension/
she’s howlin’ at the moon in your direction… awhooo!

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Okay, the streets aren’t paved with gold/
But at least they paved, though/
You know?

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And we move like wolves/
in the bleak night.
And we dance like ghosts/
deprived of flight.
The body will come to understand/
a season of doubt.

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"I will contain you/then cast you away/like a broken memory"